My exam film from 2021. A musical report from a not so great dating life.

Participated in nordisk panorama, stockmotion, sveriges kortfilmfestival (won), uppsala kortfilmfestival, rex animationfestival (won)

The christmas movie (2023)

A movie about the eternal pursuit of well being. How hard can it be just to have a nice time? (2020)

Participated in sveriges kortfilmfestival (won silver)

A movie based on a true story from when I was left alone in Vietnam. No one was harmed though.

about kvinnofällan ha det fint hemma

Stockholm made a big investment in secuarity guards in my neigbourhood which made me unfomfortable because i dont trust them. The film was made for my entrance exam to Konstfack (2021)

A film made for my entrance exam to Konstfack (2021) The task was do describe your day and I decided to picture a day as if I would have lived by the mediterranian sea and all my problems would be gone and everything would just be perfect and I would walk around just lalalallalal